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Paint Correction

Your vehicles paint job is the first thing that anyone sees. It's also the one thing that gets abused the most. Minor scratches, bird and acid rain etchings, tar, swirl marks, and UV rays are just a few of the things that consistently abuse your vehicles paint job. Paint correction is the process of eliminating these surface imperfections by decontamination processes which follows with a labor intensive, multi step polishing process, which leaves your paint with that marvelous deep gloss look. Go one step further and get a ceramic coating over your scratch free paint job.  Check out Opti-Coat to find out more.

Odor Removal

  • Prices start at $50

Many scents can latch on to the fibers of your seats and linger in your car indefinitely. It can be uncomfortable not only for you the driver, but for your passengers. We provide odor removal for smells that normal detailing can’t remove. We can remove most any scents from a vehicle, including smoke, leaving your vehicle smelling like new.

Upholstery Protection

  • Prices start at $75

Protect the appearance and value of your car with upholstery protection. It will provide an invisible barrier that will help prevent dirt from sticking, and help prevent dyes in foods and drinks from staining.This will make your upholstery much easier to cleanand help prevent permanent stains and marks.

Engine Detail

  • Prices start at $40

The engine often gets neglected from a routine cleaning, but dirt and grease build up on your engine as much as anywhere else. To protect your engine from elements drying out or cracking we recommend that you detail your engine 3–4 times a year, depending on conditions, which will help prolong the life of plastics and hoses under your hood. We thoroughly clean and degrease your engine before applying a dressing that will make it shine.

Glass Treatment

We will make your driving experience much safer with glass treatment. Without glass treatment rain coats the windshield and mixes with dirt and debris making visibility poor. With glass treatment rain beads on the windshield and rolls off. Glass treatment improves visibility and creates safer driving conditions.