About Us

Bailey’s Reconditioning was founded in 2016. We provide quality reconditioning services with a dedicated and devoted team. With a wide variety of reconditioning services, which includes detailing, cosmetic repair, and paintless dent repair, we strive to make your vehicle like new. Our team of professionals have the skills and training to make your experience at Bailey’s a great one.

Prior to Bailey’s Reconditioning, there was Bailey’s PDR Inc. Bailey's PDR Inc. was founded by Kevin Bailey back in 2012. Prior to incorporating he started with traveling the country chasing hail storms and learning the ropes to the business. While traveling he brought his girlfriend—now wife—with him across the country. She proved to be very helpful, and the two became quite the team. They decided to get married and establish a business, where they could serve the people who appreciated their efforts most.

To build up their business, in 2013 they decided to focus more in the Fargo–Moorhead and surrounding area. With getting a location established in Fargo in 2014, they were able to have a foundation for their business. In 2016 they expanded their business, adding a new division called Bailey’s Reconditioning.

Bailey’s is a locally owned company that serves the Fargo–Moorhead area and surrounding states. We are dedicated to our customer base and enjoy what we do. Whether you’re a body shop, dealership, or a retail customer, we are here to serve you. We are excited to be your automotive reconditioning specialist.