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Show Car Detail

show car on display after detailing

Services - Starting at $350

  • Hand wash
  • Underside cleaned
  • Door jambs degreased
  • Wheels cleaned and dressed
  • Engine degreased and dressed
  • Decontamination process
  • 2 to 3-step buff/polish
  • Wax or paint sealant applied
  • Interior blown and vacuumed
  • Carpet and upholstery shampooed
  • Dash and trim cleaned and dressed
  • Spot clean headliner
  • Leather cleaned and treated
  • Chrome polished
  • Windows cleaned and treated

(trucks, vans & SUV’s may cost extra as well as interiors with multiple stains, excessive trash/sand, and pet hair or exteriors with darker colors or excessive scratches due to additional time needed to acquire the quality that we can be proud of)


A show car detail includes an appropriate gentle or stronger hand wash, including the underside, with wheels and door jams being degreased. The engine will be degreased and dressed to keep the hoses and plastics lubricated and looking like new. Drying is done with microfiber drying towels and filtered compressed air. Ferrous particles on the paint will be safely removed with an iron removal, and all other contaminants such as tar, overspray, etc. will be removed in a clay treatment. Once cleaned and decontaminated, all painted surfaces will experience a 2 to 3-step buff/polish to eliminate minor scratches. A layer of wax or paint sealant is then applied to leave a shine that everyone admires. All exterior trim is dressed including your tires to preserve them and make them look like new.

The interior is vigorously blown and vacuumed, and all the carpet and upholstery are shampooed. Tougher stains may be pre-treated then carefully scrubbed and extracted. The interior dash, center console, door panels, and any other trim is detailed and dressed to keep it looking its best. The headliner will be spot cleaned where needed. Any leather will be cleaned carefully and treated for longevity. Finally, the glass inside and out is cleaned and treated for your safety and enjoyment. We then look forward to your reaction to your newly detailed vehicle.